Food and Class

Why I don’t eat organic meats:

On eating like a ‘poor’ person


I only eat cheap and fatty cuts of meat. The cheapest cuts of meat (pork belly, pork loin roast, pork chops, ground beef).

How and what I eat

  1. Canned foods: Canned sauerkraut, canned spinach.
  2. Frozen foods: Frozen kale, frozen collard greens
  3. Cheap cuts of (industrial) meats. Certainly pasture-raised and grass-fed meats is higher in nutrition. But fuck it; I just buy what is cheapest.

Buying foods at the local ‘ghetto’ grocery store for ‘poor’ people.

For example here in the east coast, Cindy and I shop at Stop and Shop (order online via This is supposed to be the “ghetto” grocery store for “poor” people. We don’t shop at Whole Foods.