Mimetic Desires

Is it possible for us humans to have desires which are not mimetic?

Are you a clone or the real deal?

The problem is that most of us humans are lemmings or sheeple. I believe that in some regards, we are hard wired socially to mime or copy others. After all, this is how we humans learn and advance.

For example, how could we learn language if we did not meme our parents? Also, watching my son — he learns so much by miming my facial expressions!

How much of our consumerist desires are mimetic?

The idea of “mimetic theory” first exposed to me via Peter Thiel, via Rene Girard.

I see much of our desires are mimetic. For fashion and fashion trends, we follow what is popular.

Also with design, we desire designer things which are popular, rather than following our own personal design aesthetic. I say this:

Of course eventually all of our design aesthetic tastes are socially influenced, but best to filter our design aesthetic tastes over a long time based on our individual experiences and personal preferences, rather than just following what is currently popular and trendy.

Some of our desires is natural

For example sexual desire — without it we humans would have gone extinct a long time ago. Or our human desire for food, warmth (freedom from the cold), water and certain resources. Also the desire for social power and prowess — all natural instincts to help the human race thrive.

Thus as a simple takeaway:

Yes, much of our desires is mimetic in nature. But some is natural and instinctual. Then the wisdom is knowing how to decipher and filter the two!



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