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Interest in Humans or Objects?

A strange bias I notice in modern society:

We are more interested in objects (cars, watches, design objects, devices, etc) over human beings.

Why? Some thoughts:

Objects are more predictable?

This is another strange thing about designers:

Many artists and designers I know are very awkward around real life human beings.

Even in street photography — many of these prominent street photographers I know are actually insanely awkward people, who have poor social skills. In fact, I believe that in order to become a better street photographer, one must exercise and strengthen their social skills (it is like a muscle — use it or lose it).

Why are we so awkward?

Modern society is part to blame (living in the suburbs makes you suspicious of your neighbors). Also modern society isn’t designed in such a way which encourages by-chance interactions with your neighbors. Furthermore, technology is part to blame — a lot of ‘Gen Z’ kids and even ‘Millenials’ have a hard time making eye-contact in real life, and would prefer having a screen be an intermediary between human interactions.

Social Fear Aversion Therapy

Certainly COVID ain’t helping at all. In fact, covid has made things faaaar worse. We no longer need to go ‘into the office’ for work, which means less human interactions.

So perhaps moving forward, it seems the best possible way to thrive in today’s brave new world is to design it in such a way which allows you to have more social interactions with others!



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