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Social Innovations

We are so obsessed with technological innovations … why no love or interest towards social innovations (sociology)?

No, all human behavior hasn’t been fully mapped or understood

The false assumption that a lot of nerdy Silicon-valley nerds have:

They think that all social and human behavior has been ‘figured out’.

This is patently false! Even the theories and notions from Daniel Kahneman and Amos Taversky (Thinking Fast, and Slow) might be falsified in the (near) future. For example, there is already skepticism towards notions of ‘risk aversion’ (Nassim Taleb has a good essay on it [The Logic of Risk Taking]). Taleb’s intervention is thinking we humans got ‘ruin aversion’, not “risk aversion”.

In other words:

We humans want to avoid the risk of 100% ruin (death) not small tail-ended risks.

Via Nassim Taleb


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