Visual Sociology through Street Photography

Dear friend,

A realization : I think what we’re trying to do as street photographers is visual sociology — using our camera as a research tool to better understand society as a whole!

For example, ask yourself:

What am I trying to say through my photos about society, and individuals around me, in my own cultural milieu?

Or for example, consider — what kind of social commentary are you trying to make through your photos, about race, gender, equality, and class? Take a look at these photos from my ONLY IN AMERICA series; what do you think I’m trying to say, or comment on/bring to light, through my observation with my camera as a sociological research tool?

Or what am I trying to say about socio-economic inequality in America, and the lack of opportunities?

What am I trying to say about the “American Dream”– the falsity, and the silliness behind it?

Never forget, what are you really trying to say?

You have the power to change society for the better: Remember, the camera is mightier than the sword!

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