Not just sexual arousal, but it seems that if we want to feel more engaged with life, we need to do things which engage and arouse us more.

Mihaly C talks about this in his “flow” philosophy — we must seek the optimal human state which is a state of flow in which we are maximally aroused and focused on our task at hand without being overwhelmed!

For example, I get a huge jolt of energy from social arousal. I get more engaged and aroused when I’m around other human beings. This is why I love social life and social living, and I hate staying at home.

A social life is a happier life

Consider all our joys and entertainments in life … it is all rooted in the social. For example social media, movies and tv shows which are all about human dramas and human social interactions and also the joy of going out and interacting, engaging or flexing or challenging other human beings.

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Anti anti social behavior

It isn’t cool or desirable to be antisocial. Instead go the opposite— strive to become *MORE* social!



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