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Is Humanity on the Decline?

Something interesting I got when reading Juvenal’s “Satires”:

“Humanity has been on the decline, even since Homer’s time!”

And thinking about today’s brave new world, and today’s modern world-society I can also say:

Yes, society is on the decline. Humanity is on the decline.

My thoughts:

1. Lack of critical inquiry

Lamborghini ERIC KIM

We still get easily suckered! It is insane that in today’s 2020 (yes we live in the year two thousand and twenty) we still get suckered by:

  1. Confirmation bias
  2. Cherry picking fallacy
  3. Too much trust in the news
  4. Misunderstanding of the human body, human physiology and this charade of ‘calories’.

2. Animal ‘rights’ as *equivalent* to “human rights”?

For example even the hugely influential ‘Effective Altruism‘ foundation puts ‘Animal Welfare‘ as one of their high concepts. I think this is nonsense. Simple thought:

Any ounce of effort we spend towards animal welfare is a distraction from improving human welfare (a quadrillion times more important).

I also don’t trust Effective Altruism because Steven Pinker recommended it (I am on the side of Nassim Taleb who is very anti-Steven Pinker).

3. Computer intelligence (AI, artificial intelligence and machine learning) over human intelligence?

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The ultimate intelligence is wisdom … but why doesn’t wisdom get taught in our schools anymore? Or why is wisdom not mentioned at all anymore? And now the average person cannot think *without* a computer or smartphone. And also due to the sneaky way that Google has infiltrated our lives, we can no longer think and reflect and meditate on a question before we quickly ‘Google it’ to get the answer.

Also a thing:

Be highly suspicious of Google results … Google AdSense backed websites and blogs should not be trusted, and are often highly dubious.


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