Dear friend,


Never play or doubt yourself. Ain’t nobody been through the shit you’ve been through. Ain’t nobody know the pain, suffering, and experienced the deep and dark depths that you have.

But fuck it. The people who tried to kill you have only made you stronger.

How to become stronger

We all need opponents in life to become stronger. If gravity wasn’t our opponent, our muscles would never get stronger. Without a more difficult opponent in boxing, we would never reach our potential.

Same in life — a life of complete ease would make us fat, flabby, weak, and purposeless. We would become cows.

Be grateful for your pain and suffering

Your goal is to seek to empower humanity, future generations, your friends, family, and of course — yourself.

Your strength comes from your hunger and desire to make the world a more dope and awesome place. Your pains and sufferings are the fuel which have taught you how unfair and cruel the world is. But — if you never suffered pain or injustice in life— how would you know how to make the world a better place?

Channel your suffering and pain to make the world a better place

Your duty is to make the world a better place. By drawing on your past injustices, you know what wrongs to right.

Personally I have a lot of scars from my past. And it is true — even though the wounds heal, the scar remains.

But, the thing is — we don’t want to hide our scars and be ashamed of the scars. No, we want to proudly show our scars as a beautiful ornament and a testament to the difficulties we’ve overcome.

Write your own life story

Muscles sketch.

So friend, how can you rewrite your own personal history? Rather than seeing yourself as a victim of cruel fate — how can you rather see yourself as the hero of your own life story, and how can you write your life story to be a story of CONQUEST, OVERCOMING, and BRAVERY?

You are a hero, strong, and beautiful.



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