Thinking about the philosophy of efficiency:

Being able to do more with less

Peter Thiel says technology is ‘doing more with less’. I think my personal definition of efficiency is this:

Less waste, more production (doing, making, creating).

This also has to do with density of information. I have recently realized — the reason I enjoy reading books is that it is far faster and more efficient than listening to audiobooks, watching YouTube lectures, or even watching films and cinema.

Efficient artwork

seneca face

Another realization what I love about photography:

It is the most efficient form of arts-creation.

selfie ERIC KIM seneca

Or in calligraphy, being able to create visual images with the maximum amount of visual force, punch, with the least amount of effort.

Towards an efficient lifestyle

selfie black and white umbrella

Another thing I realized while living in the suburbs (for now):

Soooo much time is wasted having to commute and moving in a car.

Thus perhaps to have a more efficient lifestyle, the *LEAST* amount of time you spend in a car, the better. Ideally, no car.

crack abstract

Efficient workouts

Kettlebell 105 pounds 48kg

Also consider going to the gym. I love the gym, but so much efficiency is lost going to the gym (and waiting at the gym). Often people are using your equipment, and so much time is wasted waiting to use equipment. For example, often when I am pumped up to do some deadlifts at the gym, I have to wait nearly 30 minutes to even get a rack.

Ever since having Seneca, I am forced to become more efficient with my life. Getting a 105 pound kettlebell was a great investment:

I can do 10x the working out in a 1/10th of the time.

Max rep kettlebell swings (two armed) or one armed. Also using a chin-up bar at home for max reps. Turkish getup. Goblet squats. Hip openers/bicep curls. Kettlebell as truly the most efficient form of working out.

Why live a more efficient lifestyle?


So the big philosophical question:

*WHY* live a more ‘efficient’ lifestyle?

This is what I say:

Considering that time is the ultimate constraint in life, we strive to accomplish more, dare more, and create more in our short lives.

Other efficiency thoughts

When it comes to your photography, strive to become a more efficient photographer. Small JPEG, simple camera (RICOH GR III), and to share your photos more efficiently just publish them to your own website/blog.


Seize every single moment to do and be efficient

Having a child is the ultimate in terms of becoming efficient with your time and life.

Rather than bemoaning what is past, your old self, your old lifestyle, etc … seize right now. Seize your current lifestyle and proclaim it as your best lifestyle!



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