Gym; a fun place to photograph, video. Some sort of visual kinesthesis between our muscles, movement, and photo?

Creative double-dipping

We all have a difficult time finding time to photograph, be creative, etc.

But the fun thing about just recording what you do in your everyday life (VLOG) is this:

You can creatively ‘double-dip’.


As you are just doing your normal daily activities… by recording and documenting what you’re doing — this itself is a creative act!

Warmup layers

When placing my RICOH GR III in cross process video 1080p, 60fps mode, and placing it (facing the entrance), and doing warmups … interesting layers that happen visually (as a video).

The fun joy of watching these videos, then screenshotting the compositions I find interesting.

Video street photography in the gym?

Guys playing racquetball:

Warmup (inside the racquetball court, with interesting colors, lighting, red leading line)

Really love the red leading lines in the racquetball court. Also the zen vibes … clean yellow-white light, and just myself.

Creative ways to mount and ‘tripod’ your camera

While trying to record myself do dumbbell press (I am using my RICOH GR III) I just try to find convenient places to place the camera, which has been very fun creatively. I just look around the (crowded) gym and think:

Where can I place my camera, to best creatively capture me doing this exercise?

As a result, I’ve found fun places to put it — either directly on the dumbbell rack, on some exercise equipment directly behind me, to the side of me, or directly on the floor. A new spot: finding dumbbells which are placed vertically on the ground, and putting my camera directly on top of that.

  • 100 pound dumbbell press

By not using a traditional tripod or gorilla-pod-esque thing, I innovate with camera position, perspective, and direction.

Also as a fun benefit:

I enjoy watching these videos after the fact, as I am curious to see what the perspective of the video will look like.

And as I find interesting scenes, I will screenshot it.

The fun thing of putting your camera directly on the floor, pointing up.

I found a spot in the gym where I can do muscle-ups:

Directly below the power squat rack, and lying my RICOH GR III directly on the floor pointing up, the perspective is hugely fascinating.


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