The Best Car is No Car

A lot of us are car hungry. We want the perfect or best car.

But what if the best car were no car?

Do we even need a car in today’s brave new COVID world?

No more commuting. The death of commuting into an office. So what’s the point of getting a Tesla with self driving functionality if you don’t even need to commute to work anymore? No more facilities or clubs are open now … so no opportunity to drive your car somewhere to stunt or flex.

To be able to live WITHOUT a car is the ultimate flex.

Remember back in the day we used to think having a chauffeur or a limousine driver was the ultimate luxury? Now with Uber and Lyft … we got it! Isn’t it better to just Uber everywhere and NOT need a car, or even have the luxury of living in a downtown city where you can just walk everywhere? Or the luxury of getting your groceries delivered to your door like here in the East Coast?