How to Master the Art of Living

How to live best is the question a lot of philosophers have been grappling for a long time. The “art of living” should better be seen as the “best technique or approach” to living everyday life. Some of my thoughts:

1. The simplest mode of life possible.

Why I love living in a tiny (luxury) apartment:

Life is sooooo much more simplified and as a consequence better.

Therefore rather than striving to have a more fancy life, strive to have a simpler life. The simple joys in life are the best. A good workout/pump, a nice chat, a deep conversation, meeting a new friend-stranger, learning something new, going on a nice walk, having some delicious meat, listening to some good music, getting a new PR [personal record] in one of my lifts (powerlifting).

2. Never stop simplifying


Life can always become more meaningful, deep and simple. For me, it is to REDUCE the amount of bullshit and stress from my life. To me the maximal joy and happiness in life is via-negativa which means:

The happiest life is the ABSOLUTE MINIMUM of bullshit in your life.

3. On marrying your soul mate

Nonfuture by CINDY

One of my best decisions in life … taking the risk of courting Cindy, then moving to Michigan to be with her, then marrying her. I truly believe that a married life is the best life. And to marry your soul-mate, your other half, the yin to your yang … this is key.