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As Black as Possible (ABAP)

The secret to making better monochrome photos:

Make your photos as black as possible (under-expose your photos to the maximum darkness, to the point where you can still see *something*).

Uncovering subtle details

Why shoot your photos as black as possible? To uncover subtle details you might have not been able to see normally.

Under-exposing and using flash

One of the main upsides of shooting with a flash is that it uncovers a new more mysterious world. Especially when shooting black and white with a flash… you get a double combo:

We don’t see the world in black and white, nor do we see the world with a flash.

Thus the trick of under-exposing your photos (RICOH GR III) and the trick of shooting with a flash (RICOH GR II) as a good double-whammy.


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All black everything: