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How to Make More Meaningful Black and White Photos

The goal … to make more personally meaningful photos. Monochrome/black and white is an effective way:


How to Make More Meaningful Black and White Photos

1. Photograph those whom you love.

My start of the Cindy project … my love and motivation for Cindy. An encouragement for others to also document their loved ones.

2. Photograph joyful moments and memories

Many of my joyful moments and memories include my mom (umma).

Lesson: if you’re experiencing something joyful, photograph it!

3. Tragedy can also be beautiful

When my grandfather passed, it was a sorrowful moment, but also a beautiful one to bring together the family. Photographing death taught me to better savor life.

4. The light

Light in itself as beautiful, joyful, optimistic and uplifting!

5. The joy of street photography

Street photography as a very joyful, interesting, challenging and beautiful pursuit.

6. Details

To see, witness and observe details. The delight of exercising your visual acuity.


All black everything:

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