MONOCHROM: The Streets are Your Rome

shoot photos from your gut, and off the dome.

The streets are your own Rome
And like a good leader, don’t let others take your throne.

Turn off your phone
And shoot in the zone.

shoot with your all black strap
Don’t spray and pray like an AK-47
Rather, interact with your brethren
And break the unleavened bread.

Never step on others to get ahead
Because you’re all on the same team.

No scheming, only green in your eyes
Shoot everyday, to stay alive.

Don’t take no bribes from any camera company
Shoot with your homies; you’re in good company.

So friend, run with me
In this paved paradise
Rejoice everyday, hand-holding your kite

Let your creativity soar to the sun
And keep making photos; automatic gun.

Never forget, photography should be fun
It should lead you where you want to go
You should always grow, never die
Because when you’re not growing, you’re dying– that is what Bob Dylan said
And he makes music from his soul, not his head.

Steve Jobs would say the same
Avoid getting stuck in the same mental patterns
The ultimate test: Look at yourself in the mirror, do you feel shame?
Or are you proud?
Can you say, “I love my photos!” Really loud?
Do you shroud your art in the darkness and whine?
Or do you stream your images — Dionysian wine?

It is true: nowadays photos are a dine a dozen
But cousin, know your photos are dope
Spiritual images, show them to the Pope.

Stay strong, the cold winter is ahead–
So fortify your creative mind with butter and bread
Tea and coffee
Never make photos that are “not me”
Only make photos who are you
Make me proud– I’m part of your crew.

Seoul, 2017 #cindyproject



All black everything:

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