black on black on black lamborghini

Black is Good; White is Bad

black on black on black lamborghini

I prefer black over white.

With black clothes, if I spill (black) coffee on myself, the stain will show less.

Black coffee is better than white (milk) coffee. Black coffee has no sugar, and therefore no ‘calories.’ White milk (with milk and sugar) is harmful to those with lactose intolerance (like myself). And everyone agrees that sugar is bad for your health.

1. Black is timeless

Imagine wearing an all-white suit. You will look like a clown.

Imagine wearing an all-black suit. You will look like a badass.

Black is slimming. White shows our bodily imperfections.

2. Black on black on black

When in doubt, stick with black.

All black clothes, all black phone, all black camera.

Black draws less attention. If you want to be a better street photographer (or at least more low-key) — wear all black. Then nobody will notice you taking photos.

Whereas a silver (kind of white) camera draws attention — black recedes into the darkness.

3. Nature is black

According to Leonardo da Vinci; the natural state of everything is black. It only turns white when you put light onto it.

The nature of everything is black.

4. The blacker the berry the sweeter the juice

“The blacker the berry the sweeter the juice.” – Kendrick Lamar

If you want a delicious blackberry, you want to choose a blacker berry.

If you want a better vintage wine; go with what is darker.

5. All black benz with the all black rims

All-black cars which are ‘murdered out’ (black car with black rims) look cooler than ‘all white’ cars (white cars, with white rims).

Henry Ford once said:

“The customer can have any Model-T ford car, as long as it is black.”

7. Black in photography

I prefer black backgrounds in photography. It is easier to put a white subject against a background and have it visible, than have a black subject against a white background.

The benefit of black backgrounds: you know where the edges are. With a white background, you don’t know where the edges start or end.

8. Why did Johnny Cash wear all black?

Why did Johnny Cash wear all black? In his song “Man in Black” he says:

Why, you wonder why I always dress in black, why you never see bright colors on my back / I wear black for the poor and beaten / we need to start make a move to make a few things right, you’ll never see me wear a suit of white.

Black and black is the uniform.

Also a random reference— Jay-Z loves black cards (Unlimited American Express card, for billionaires). And Kanye West likes to call the black card: “African American Express.”

9. Racial equality

If you haven’t seen the tone of this article; it is to promote racial equality.

Why is it that we are programmed to think that black is evil? American society tells us that black people are to be feared. I say fuck that. They are our brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers. Anyone with a dark complexion is beautiful.

If you were born with black skin, why should you live your entire life, like having a Scarlet Letter on your forehead? To let the racist bastards of the past, and the legacy of slavery and racism in America to discriminate?

Of course, I love white people. My scout-masters who taught me and taught me moral virtues were white. Michael O’Connor was Jewish. Pat Ransil was white. David Dial was black. Thank you so much for your guidance.

Some of my best friends are white (Josh White). Some of the photographers who inspire me the most are black (Brian Day).

10. I need to first reform myself

I am still prejudiced against black people, or darker-people. Perhaps it is all the bullshit I learned as a kid, growing up in America. But certainly, I want to make it my duty to be less racist, prejudiced myself — and to see others with an equal footing.

What if we lived in a society that black was good; and white was bad? Wouldn’t that be interesting?

But ultimately; we need to be like yin and yang. White or black isn’t superior or inferior. They complete one another.

Let us seek equality.


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