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Monochrome is Essential

When it comes to the pure essence and form of photography, we must return back to monochrome:

Why monochrome?

Monochrome is the pure essence of photography. I love color photography as well, however if we are seeking the purest essence, and the most primal and direct form of photography, monochrome is it. Why? Monochrome gives you the “minimum viable image”— it cannot get simpler than monochrome. Monochrome strips away (color) and as a consequence enhances forms, shapes, planes, lines, curves, polygons, etc.

Black and white helps us concentrate on the subject matter we are inspecting:

What calligraphy can teach us

Calligraphy is a new passion of mine — the most essential and direct form of visual arts creation and communication. When I use Zen Brush 3, I just follow my gut and just kind of randomly stroke out these calligraphs. I just follow and obey my mood. I find it insanely soothing, relaxing, but also a phenomenal creative outlet.

And the big thing calligraphy has taught me:

All you need is black ink … and you can clearly and boldly express yourself!

Just do both.

Life is infinitely too long to let yourself get trapped either by *only* monochrome or color. Certainly being able to cycle between the two is the ultimate joy and freedom!

But if you love monochrome, stick with it as long as possible! Explore every single nook and cranny in monochrome. Discover the deepest depths for monochrome — still much uncharted territory here, despite what the photography pessimists say!

For myself personally, I started my passion in photography in black and white, and I feel shooting color for periods of time is like a visual “palette cleanser”, and when I return to monochrome (I always do), I appreciate monochrome so much more!



All black everything:

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