How to Make Better Black and White Photos

Practical ideas:


Some of my favorite black and white photos, with some of my beats (made in Garageband):

Download some beats here:

1.Eye Contact

First of all, get eye contact, or show an eye in the photograph.

There is something human about being drawn to eyes.

2.Textures and patterns

Photograph textures, patterns, and repetitions.

Photograph man-made things, natural things, architecture, etc.

3.Light it up!

Generally speaking in black and white photography:

Using a flash will (often) make the photograph more interesting.

Shooting with a flash is fun. I love RICOH GR II and the integrated flash, because when you shoot with a flash– you never know what you’re gonna get!


Photos are more interesting when the subject is obscured.

Shoot photos while you’re moving. Don’t worry too much whether the photos will be sharp or in-focus.

Often the ‘beautiful mistakes’ are what make interesting photos!

Too much intentionality is anti-art.



All black everything:

eric kim street photography hanoi-0003676