Anti role model

Anti Role Models

Perhaps this notion of having “positive role models” is not useful. Why?

We often put the personalities, characteristics, and pursuits of certain individuals as *above* us. For example, we all want to become more like Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, etc. However … is this truly something to be desired? Instead of seeking to become someone else, or to emulate the personality character traits of others, better instead to look at yourself, your own innate personality traits and to see your own self and your own personality as king.

Then when it comes to other humans, instead of seeking “positive role models” to emulate, better instead to consider all of the bad role models who you *don’t* want to become. For example myself, I don’t want to become like my dad, so I just do everything *opposite* of what he did. Thus I have a very good blueprint in terms of becoming a good future father —

Study, and analyze your “anti role models”— and use their negative traits as a positive learning experience.

Once again — just “go opposite” of negative folks and their character traits and actions, and you will be golden.


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