Morality and Ethics

There are no ultimate morals or ethics in life. You have the power to determine your own morals and ethics in your life. Of course you must accept the consequences. But this life is the only certain life — why live for another life or even an after life? 

There are no “must” in life

I don’t believe in an ultimate sense of duty or “responsibility” in life. There isn’t anything you “should” or “shouldn’t” do, which you personally don’t believe in.

To me, this is the ultimate liberating thought.

You don’t have an intrinsic or ultimate “duty” to your parents, to your country, to your culture, to your community, or even to your partner or kids. You can DECIDE to have this duty, but it isn’t something that you are strong-armed or compelled to do.

Once again — there are certain practical consequences which will happen to you by “disobeying” others or cultural norms. You might face social stigma, loss of love/respect, loss of social-economic-financial power, etc.

Why determine your own code of morals and ethics?

To me, it is about freedom of thought, expression, and life.

Of course in a modern society there are certain laws we must not disobey, or else we will be put in jail. Don’t kill, steal, and drive over 65 on the freeway.

But besides these practical laws — the moral and ethical beliefs you have, and how you determine to live your life is yours.

And the thing is:

We shouldn’t superimpose our morality and ethics other others, and nobody should superimpose THEIR morality and ethics upon us.

This is why the notion of tolerance is so powerful.

I’ll leave you alone, and you leave me alone.


Let me live my life, and I’ll let you live your own life.


Don’t force me to live how you think I “should” live my life. Be tolerant towards how I decide to live my life (you don’t need to agree with me, just tolerate me).

Is it possible for you to live a life true to yourself without “hurting” others?

By living your life, it is impossible to never hurt someone else’s “feelings”. What we are NOT allowed to do is physically attack others. But if other people get offended by what we do, this isn’t our problem.

Thus the first rule is:

Don’t physically hurt others.

And also:

Leave others alone. Don’t feel the need to mentally or verbally attack them.

But have the courage to share your ideas. Don’t force others to do as you say. Just put the ideas out there, and let others determine for themselves what they believe in, and how they desire to live their lives.

Start blogging

It seems the two most effective ways to share your ideas:

  1. Start blogging (on your own self-hosted website).
  2. Start uploading YouTube videos

Don’t expect others to agree with you, don’t expect others to applaud you, or like you. Just be bold, brave, and unfiltered with your thinking and self expression!