How *NOT* to Get Duped or Suckered

According to the Ancient Greeks of the high period, they didn’t believe in “sin”. However they did believe in folly, foolishness and cowardice. Therefore in life don’t worry about becoming more “virtuous” or “good”. Instead focus on this:

Just don’t get suckered and duped by others!

My thoughts:

First of all realize and recognize that everyone is selfish and self interested. Thus when you analyze others, strive to truly deeply understand their own personal motives and directives on why they do what they do.

For example a lot of people who practice altruism and do charity related things … they do it because it makes them feel good. To help the poor and needy is a low-key power flex. Also, it is a value virtue ethics thing:

If you were once poor, if you help a poor person it feels like you’re helping your (past) self.

Don’t get suckered by framing, priming or “nudging”

Let us not be suckered. everyone out there is trying to “soft coerce” (nudge) you into thinking, behaving and feeling a certain way. For example for detailed thoughts on framing and priming read ‘Thinking Fast and Slow’ by Daniel K and Amos T.

As with “nudging” … it is sneaky behavior when folks try to “influence” you to think or feel a certain way, which is presumptuous because it assumes that others know what is best for you, and assumes that you don’t know what is the best for yourself.


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