Intolerance ERIC KIM abstract David

Why I’m So Intolerant Towards Intolerance


Even though someone else’s opinion or philosophy is different from yours, you don’t do physical or mental harm upon them.


“It is my way or the highway!”

Now why is this so important? This is important because a lot of so-called “woke” people (the intolerant left) are actually quite militant and INTOLERANT towards the beliefs and ideas of others. For example a question for you:

Do you think that the people who voted for Brexit or the people who voted for Donald Trump are total idiots and don’t know what is best for them?

If so… perhaps we have an elitism bias. We assume that others who are either lower in us in socio-economic class, education, location etc … we think of them as lesser than us, less worthy, and less intelligent than us. I feel this is very rude. Why? A lot of these so called “uneducated” people are faaaar wiser than the UC Berkeley, UCLA, Harvard, Stanford, Princeton or Brown folks.


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