On Having the Courage to Make Your Own Decisions

What is the hardest thing for us to do? Make decisions. Then:

Be insanely stubborn when following your own gut, and if you are ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ (later), it ain’t about having someone to blame, or to ‘vindicate’ yourself.

The point of life:

To win. (credit to Nassim Taleb for the idea).

Let me explain the idea in further depth:

You never know how good your decision was until way later.

This is my thought:

99% of the time when you trust your gut, you’re right.

And even in those 1% of the times you are ‘wrong’, you might discover 20 years down the road that you actually did in fact make the ‘right’ decision.

Time reveals all.


Then perhaps it comes down to your personal ethics. Ethics as the art of making decisions — abiding by your own table of values for yourself (not for others). Thus when it comes to personal ethics the thought is this:

Your ethics are only for yourself and not for others.


Your personal code of ethics cannot be generalized onto others.



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