The idea:

If you want to become more ‘productive’, fast from productivity at certain times.

Intermittent productivity fasting.


We all know that intermittent fasting is good for our physiological health. Digital fasting is good too. Why not ‘productivity’ fasting?

What is productivity fasting?

The gist:

Don’t always force yourself to be productive.

In fact, allow yourself certain periods of degeneracy.


Never ‘force’ yourself to be productive

Only produce and create stuff when you feel like it. In fact, it takes more skill to force yourself NOT to be productive than to force yourself to be productive.

What do kids do?

A kid never forces themselves to be productive. This is silly. Kids like to play, run around, be outdoors, play with dirt, and be out in the sun. Shouldn’t we adults do the same? Nietzsche even called the ancient Greeks as children.

What is the telos or end-game of your life?

Nobody regrets on their death bed:

I wish I died with inbox zero.

Certainly people also don’t regret not being more “productive” during their lifetimes. I think most people regret not having done more, attempted more, explored more, traveled more, or created more. When I say ‘productivity’ in the general sense, it means doing busy-work (logistics, emails, etc).

Creative productivity

What is the best type of productivity? Creative productivity. To create a lot of stuff, art works, etc. This is the end-game!


How to Become More Creative

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