Famous Street Photography


“He without a past has no future.”

Famous Street Photography

Headless sapa Eric Kim street photograph black and white
Sapa, 2018

My suggestion: today’s social media, Instagram world of photography is over saturated with (many) great photographers. However, who knows whether their work will last, or it is just trendy?

Great street photographers never die.

The real famous street photographers are the masters from the past.


Hands of a 92 year old woman. Hanoi, 2017
Hands of a 92 year old woman. Hanoi, 2017

They have dedicated their lives to their craft. They have spent decades refining their vision, philosophy, and shooting technique. They have also invested tons of time and money in order to make great photography books, which are distilled versions of their best images.

To be honest once again, there is a lot of great contemporary famous photographers. But as a better way to battle the “Signal” and “Noise” in photography, let us give a hat tip to The Masters of Photography.

Why be famous?

Eric Kim eye

I’m internet famous in street photography, and to be frank, it is overrated.

The best benefit in photography: use it as a tool of self-empowerment, self-confidence, and breaking outside of your comfort zone.

Eric Kim portrait by Cindy Hanoi

Street photography is self-therapy. We can use street photography to conquer our fears, conquer anxiety, and just boredom and stress in everyday life.

Hanoi, 2017. Rooftop bar at Lotte Tower.

I have found the benefit of internet fame: to use this platform to help more people. To build the ERIC KIM FORUM with Cindy, as a supportive home for street photography. To teach workshops to empower other street photographers. It is all a blessing.

Advice from the Master Street Photographers

Silhouette of Man at Hoan Kiem Lake / Hanoi, 2017
Silhouette of Man at Hoan Kiem Lake / Hanoi, 2017
  1. Get closer – Robert Capa
  2. Shoot yourself! – Bruce Gilden
  3. Shoot from the gut, choose your best photos with your brain – Anders Petersen
  4. Shoot with a “stream of consciousness”- Daido Moriyama
  5. All photos are accurate, none of them is truth – Richard Avedon


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The Masters of Photography

Prague, 1968. Josef Koudelka / Magnum Photos
Prague, 1968. Josef Koudelka / Magnum Photos

Classics never die:

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