You Know You’re Truly Rich and Wealthy Once You Never *Think* About Money

A realization while cooking and eating dinner:

When was the last time I thought about money?

Wealth and money … ironically enough, it isn’t about having a bunch of money,,, but rather ,,, to simply be in a position in which you never need to think about it or concern yourself with it?

  1. Insanely low expenses, living expenses ,,, predictable. The upside of renting.
  2. Or living in Vietnam, Saigon and Hanoi — our old Hanoi studio apartment only $320 USD a month!!! All utilities included!
  3. The upside of driving a 2010 Prius in LA — I never spend more than $35 USD a month in gas!!!
  4. Just cooking and eating at home (Costco meat)— you know you’re not getting ripped off like eating out or takeout?
  5. $0.00 debt. Also, no mortgage — which is just debt with a good conscience!
  6. No gym membership — working out off the grid!


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