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Photo Epiphanies After Being on a 7-Day Cruise

Dear friends,

Just fresh out of a 7 day cruise (7-day cruise to Puerto Vallarta, Mazatlan, Cabo — via Carnival ‘Panorama’ new cruise ship from 2019). Some photo epiphanies:

1. Good for photography

My first batch of thoughts is in my ‘Cruise Thoughts‘ PDF E-ZINE [PDF LINK].

Basically — a cruise is great for photography. Why? There are many photo opportunities both on the cruise sip and off the cruise ship (on shore).

I actually ended up shooting a lot of street photography in all 3 destinations in Mexico.

Puerto Vallarta has a cute ‘romantic’ part of the city, and a good beach boardwalk. Mazatlan actually reminded me of Cuba (very colorful, more local). Cabo was waaaay better than I anticipated. Cabo has insanely beautiful water, and even was able to take Seneca in a dip on the water.

Basically the upside is this:

It is the most efficient way to travel, and visit a lot of places in a short period of time.

For example, the Cruise ship is like a mobile hotel, and has all of your stuff. Most of the locations the cruise ship stops off at is easily see-able in half a day or so. Thus in the morning, you just get off the ship (easy), get onto land, walk around, shoot photos, and jump back on the cruise ship.

2. Cruise ship as the ultimate life hack?

Being disconnected for about a week on the cruise ship is good. I was able to innovate, and even make an ‘Cruise thoughts’ PDF e-book/zine via Apple Pages on my laptop (MacBook Pro). When you are offline for a week, it forces you to be more creative with your photography in terms of how to share and publish your photos (offline).

If you’re on the cruise ship, just bring your laptop and camera (RICOH GR IIIX) and take lots of photos, and enjoy your cruise time to process your own photos, do some writing (offline via ‘IA WRITER’), and a chance to think and meditate (reflect on life).

3. GoPro is great

I picked up a new GoPro hero 10 before the trip, and I’m having a ton of fun with it. I returned the iPhone Pro a while ago, and now just the only phone I got is the new iPhone SE. And this is the big thought:

Shooting videos on the GOPRO is 1000x more fun than shooting on an iPhone Pro (or any iPhone, ultra wide).

Why? Seneca loves to shoot with it (GoPro is child-proof), and because the GoPro is so robust, it motivates you to shoot more unusual angles, and shoot more frequently. Now the new great shortcut on the GoPro (just hit the record button, and it automatically turns on, and starts recording).

I highly recommend any street photographer or photographer to buy a new GoPro 10. Just keep it in your front left pocket, and shoot videos for fun in ‘super wide mode’ whenever opportunity strikes).

4. More random thoughts

Some other thoughts (cruise ship as life hack):

  1. The goal is to become a great photographer
  2. How can you harness the power of the ocean?
  3. Not total freedom, but total power is what we desire
  4. Non-Tangible things are best (money, Bitcoin, crypto, etc)
  5. Crypto is optimistic (even saw my Uber driver in Mexico City checking his blockchain while driving)
  6. Mexico is good for Americans // America is boring
  7. When in doubt, travel more.
  8. Optimistic fatalism is good
  9. Street photography is our sport

More thoughts on blog >


Other thoughts

  1. Buy the market when it is down! I recommend buying more Bitcoin, Tesla, Apple (I’m long Apple).
  2. Buy a GoPro hero 10
  3. Perhaps the 14” MacBook Pro (the cheapest base model) is the best laptop.
  4. RICOH GR IIIX is still the goat. If you got a RICOH GR III, just stick with it until the IV comes out.


  1. Travel Notes mobile // Print
  2. ERIC KIM NECK STRAP MARK II: The ultimate travel strap for RICOH
  3. Henri Neck Strap Mark IV: Classics never die (Mahogany Brown x Phantom Black)
  4. HENRI WRIST STRAP PRO: For the pros
  6. HENRI SHOULDER STRAP: For the heavyweights



  1. Cruise thoughts (PDF)


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  2. YouTube
  3. Blog

If this sparked any interesting ideas within you, feel free to share to a friend!


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