Cruise Ship as the Ultimate Life Hack?

You live a far more dynamic life. Getting off the port, walking around, exploring, taking photos. The 7 day carnival cruise to Puerto Vallarta, Mazatlan and Cabo was actually really fun and interesting! A good life hack for street photographers. 

Also, my record is eating 8 steaks (all medium rare) at dinner — sit down. Get the horseradish. You can order unlimited steaks and entrees from the menu!!

Also the Panorama cruise ship is great, built in 2019 — the gym on the ship even has dumbbells up to 100 pounds!! As the ship is brand new, everything very clean. Also the Guys burger joint actually very good. I ordered 12 Patties (only meat) and nobody really blinked an eye. 

Cruise ship doesn’t have Wi-Fi so you can actually “disconnect”. Good for the mind. 

Also after working out at the gym, using the hot sauna (either dry, or you can steam) as very optimal. 

Ship as very hygienic. Rooms cleaned everyday like a hotel room, new rooms very nice. Tons of staff keeping the place clean. Also fun to talk to staff (many from Indonesia or Philippines)— very friendly. Also everyone on the ship is very friendly, met some cool couples and families on the ship. Certainly a lot of degeneracy happening on ship, but you can just ignore them. 

I’m healthier on a cruise ship?

I sleep better, more. Room air conditioning works very well. Good noise isolation. 

Also everyday going to the gym. Saving tons of time because we don’t need to clean (staff does this). 

Also lots of walking around the ship (more step count), and also up and down the stairs (my calves are getting super buff). 

Coffee on board isn’t great, but acceptable. Best to get off at the port cities and get good espresso on land. Just ship coffee to get you going in the morning. 

Time efficiency

No time being stuck in traffic or driving. Ability to just get up and start going in the morning. No need to cook, clean, go shopping for food, or even have to plan meals. 

Only really bad thing is boarding — this takes insanely long the first day (3-4 hours in total). 

However getting off the ship to land is quite easy for the destination cities. Also nice after a day of exploration in the city, you can get back on the ship where all your stuff is in your room. So more efficient in terms of traveling — no need to always pack and unpack assuming you were staying at multiple locations at a hotel. 

Cruise ship as a mobile hotel. Also a “full stack”— all inclusive unlimited buffet, dining, entertainment, coffee etc. 

Vaccines required

Ironically you might be safer on a cruise ship — mandatory vaccination for COVID before you board and you must also present a negative COVID test before boarding the ship. 

Staff always wears masks at all time, ship cruisers not so much (90% of people don’t wear masks, only a few people). 

Living life without limits?

Unlimited “free” electricity, unlimited water (even sparkling water), unlimited “free” air conditioning, unlimited food, beverages, etc. 

Life with no limits. Basically not having to think about maintenance — no concern for cleaning, keeping clean, being “wasteful”, no thinking of having to “moderate” your air conditioning or electricity use (its all included for free on the ship). 

If you really need Wi-Fi, just go on land when the ship docks at the ports, find a local coffee shop and just connect to Wi-Fi there. Also if you got T-Mobile you get free Mexico roaming (3g connection), sometimes even LTE 4g. So when the ship is docked in Mexico, you can just use the internet from your phone. 

What does a cruise ship lack?

Powerlifting (in terms of very heavy squats and deadlifts). 

Also lacking uber-fast Wi-Fi on the ship (you can buy ship Wi-Fi but it’s not as fast as home). 

Can you get bored on the ship?

Of course. But my thought is that only boring people become bored. As long as you have creative things to do (write, make photos, process and edit and export your photos, think, workout, travel on land, etc)— you won’t.

So… why go back on land? Why not live indefinitely on the cruise ship?

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