How to Conquer Confidence in Street Photography

Dear friends,

A thought:

Perhaps the greatest benefit of street photography is helping us build supreme confidence in ourselves.

And if I think about it, even my workshops are mostly about conquering your fears, and to build confidence in your photography (approaching strangers, photographing strangers with or without permission, and just confidence in general).

So how does one conquer confidence? Some thoughts:

1. Say hello to everyone

A funny thought while at a coffee shop today:

You have all these folks who try to look cool, seem cool, and pretend like they’re not looking at anyone else (but they are).

And typically what do you do? You both pseudo-make eye contact with one another, and check out one another, and size up one another … but you pretend like you’re not.

But why not instead–

Next time, you make eye contact with them, nod your head and say wussup, or say hello.

And funny enough a lot of these guys pretend like I didn’t acknowledge their existence, and just kind of move on.

And the thought is:

Better to have the confidence and courage to acknowledge someone else, say hello, or compliment them (and get ignored) than to pretend to be aloof.

The goal then isn’t to be aloof, or pretending like you don’t want to be seen. But in fact, acknowledging the existence of others and saying hello!

2. On ‘coolness’

It seems a lot of folks want to be cool, seem cool, or be perceived as cool. But … why? Towards what ends?

And what does it mean to be ‘cool’ anyways?

I think what people want is actually to feel superior, to feel the supreme in terms of social hierarchy and eliteness.

Why do we wear certain brands, or care? Because it signals your social class (in some ways) or how rich you are.

For example, if you wear Balenciaga sneakers ($700 USD) you are signaling:

I am so rich I can afford these sneakers, and I am also rich enough that I can afford to WEAR these 700 dollar sneakers.

It is almost like walking around with people being able to see your net worth, or your bank account balance (but on your feet).

But — does one need to own expensive things to feel superior? I say no.

3. Why does everyone want to wear their Leica M cameras around their neck, when at a photo exhibition or show?

Another funny thing I have noticed when going to fancy photography events:

All these photographers wearing these very expensive Leica M cameras around their neck, with expensive lenses and accessories (straps, etc), or limited edition bodies and lenses.

And funny enough, the ‘real’ photographers don’t even have their cameras on their neck or around them.

So this is my theory:

The folks who show up to a photography show and put their camera around their neck are low-key insecure that others may not know they are photographers. And they want to be seen as important, thus they signal their wealth and ‘importantness’ by displaying how expensive their camera is around their neck.

Kind of similar to how guys wear expensive watches (AP, Rolex, Panerai, Richard Mille, etc) in order to say:

Hey guys! I am rich and powerful and influential!

But ironically enough, the real rich guys in the room (let’s say Elon Musk or Kanye West) don’t even wear or own watches!

Kind of how the really rich folks don’t wear brand-name logos on their clothes (yet can be wearing an all-black outfit, with a $1000 cardigan without anyone knowing it). Or how a lot of the really really rich people will drive a Honda Odyssey Minivan, or even a Lexus to be more low-key.

4. Practice making eye contact and saying hello

The biggest tip is practice making eye contact, complimenting people on their clothes and fashion, and just saying hello. Or you can just make eye contact and do the ‘head nod’.

5. You are supreme

It doesn’t matter your clothes or outside appearance. Know it is that your mind, your character, your interests, your passions, and your soul is what makes you so great.

In fact, practice going to fancy elite and luxury places, and just act ‘normal’. Smile, say hello. The more friendly and gregarious you are, the better.



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