Minimalism as an Aesthetic and Ethos

A thought while walking around the block and thinking about the sit-flush handles of the Tesla Model S (and all the Tesla cars):

Beyond the Range Rover Evoque and Range Rover Velar, there are truly no other cars which have integrated such a subtle, simple yet beautifully elegant solution to their car design.

Elon Musk put an insane amount of effort and stubbornness in putting the sit-flush car door handles. Why? He truly believed in aesthetics that much. And if one truly cares for aesthetics that much, then truly the under-tones and the root cause is that as an ethos (philosophy of being), this is what our true values are.

So when it comes to minimalism, ask yourself:

Do I like minimalism because it is the new trend, or because it is the ethos of what I truly believe in, in terms of aesthetics and beyond?

The Philosophy of Aesthetics

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