The Philosophy of Aesthetics

AESTHETICS: the philosophy of beauty.

What is beauty?

Aesthetics are highly subjective– to you. For example the ancient saying:

Red-haired people have red-haired gods. Dark-skinned people also have dark-skinned gods.

The basic gist is this–

We see beauty using ourselves as a starting point.

For example, the most beautiful ape would still be ugly to a human being. And perhaps this is also why I (as an East-Asian man) am attracted most to Asian-women. Perhaps I prefer women who look more aesthetically and morphologically similar to me.

What do you desire to become?

To me it seems this:

When we are inspired by a certain aesthetic or art-work, we want to BECOME it.

For example, why this obsession with body-builders? Because we want to look (almost) like them!

Why do we like rap music? Because we see their lives as far more interesting than our boring (suburban) lives!

Why beauty?

Beauty acts as a stimulant. When you see something beautiful, it is like having a triple shot of espresso. You get hyped up! Amped up! You feel more desire to live!

Create beauty, and BECOME beauty!

Two-fold thing:

Create beautiful art-works, and BECOME beauty!

Sculpt your body into a work of art.

Never stop sculpting, never stop building

What is the end game? To never stop!



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