Aesthetics in Photography

Is there such thing as “ideal” aesthetics in photography?

Aesthetics as the philosophy of beauty

What do you consider beautiful? This is the beginning of studying aesthetics, which is the philosophy of beauty.

Thus when we talk about “image quality”, we really mean to talk about aesthetics.

It is clear that the aesthetics of a digital medium format camera or film is superior to a smartphone image. But why is this?

Dynamic range

The bigger the sensor of the camera, the better the dynamic range of the image. This means more information between the darks and lights in an image.

Furthermore, colors are richer, more vibrant, and thus more beautiful. My theory on why we like vibrant colors:

Vibrant colors looks like delicious and juicy fruit.

Certainly we have evolved to determine which fruits are delcious and nutritious. And our eyesight works to determine the nutritive power of fruits and other food items.

Red and green

For example, red and green for strawberries. The same aesthetic applies to photos.

Black and white as abstracted reality

Monochrome is fascinating to me because you’re abstracting reality and turning it into art.

For example this circus photo by RICHARD AVEDON:

Now what is the benefit of an image like this?

For me, it inspires me to move! The photograph motivates me!

This is my aspiration with my own photos:

Make photos which inspire and motivates others to make their own photos, to move more, and to live/create/dream more!