blur kids playing Havana out of focus

The More Obscure and Unclear, the Better.

A new and change/evolution in my visual aesthetics:

I prefer photos that are more obscure than photos which are too clear.

Too sharp ain’t good

Mystery is good. To use a crude example, let us ask:

What is more appealing, a completely naked woman or one who has some things peeking through?

Also another crude example:

It seems people don’t like hyper-sharp blu-ray pornography. Why? Too sharp shows too many flaws; which is aesthetically ugly and repulsive.

This is why I hate watching most modern films: too many frames per second, too much sharpness is ugly. Cinema with “imperfect” film shot at a slower 24 frames-per-second seems more beautiful.

Embrace blur, out-of-focus, black and white, and grittier aesthetics

Havana, 2020 #streettogs #blur #out of focus
Havana, 2020 #streettogs

You don’t gotta shoot film; you can shoot digital! Just “dirty up” your digital photos.

  • selfie
  • tree blur

If you shoot RAW, use ERIC KIM PRESETS to add more drama and grit to your photos. Or if you shoot JPEG, use a preset which has additional grain and ‘imperfections’. On RICOH GR III, I use high contrast black and white JPEG with grain and contrast set to max.

Shooting techniques

  1. When you’re shooting, feel free to walk and move while shooting. Just use autofocus, and if the photos aren’t in focus; it ain’t no big deal!
  2. Select photos you like based on mood; not just what is in-focus or out of focus.
  3. To study great blurry and out of focus photos, look at the work of William Klein and Daido Moriyama.

Shoot on!



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