Mood in Photography

Dear friend,

Some more photo philosophizing: what we are trying to do as photographers is to communicate our life experiences, our perspective, and to transmit the emotion and mood we feel to the viewer!


So how do we convey mood in photos? Often, the aesthetic — how do the photos look? How does color affect my emotions?

For example here are photos I shot in Tokyo, 2017, RICOH GR II in high contrast color (positive film) preset in JPEG.

For the mood, I wanted to convey:

  1. A feeling of anxiety and stress, and grittiness through color.
  2. A combination of street scenes with people, and some urban landscapes, as well as textures, details, or colors for the sake of it.
  3. Using a flash to accentuate the dynamism of the city:

Painting mood into your photos

To imbue your photos with your emotions, mood— shoot with your soul! Don’t censor yourself. Shoot directly, and afterwards choose (select/edit) your photos which conveys your own personal mood!

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