Why Aesthetics?

Why are aesthetics important in terms of art, design, our clothing, cars, devices, cameras, and more?

1. Physiological power and motivation

With beautiful and strong aesthetics I feel more empowered, motivated to move, and more confident!

2. Whoever says aesthetics aren’t important is wrong

Would you want to live in a home with hyper yellow colored walls? I don’t think so. The color and aesthetics and design of things and places deeply influences how we feel and think.

3. Why Apple products are so beautiful

The other day I saw an old iPod Nano — and I was amazed. After almost a decade, the design and aesthetics was still beautiful!

Which made me think —

In a world where everything is so disposable— shouldn’t we strive to create products and things which are beautiful?

Steve Jobs once said something like:

If we have to make something that we look at everyday and use everyday, we might as well make them beautiful!

If it weren’t for Steve Jobs or Apple, all our devices would still look ugly-beige IBM Microsoft.

4. How much functionality is really important in modern life?

Honestly at this point in modern life, aesthetics are about 90% important, and only 10% functionality. Unless you’re backpacking through the Alps, modern living is so easy, soft, cozy, and comfortable.

All cars function well. With sports cars you cannot even drive fast in public. And even comparing the comfort of an economy car and luxury car, the luxury car might only be 30% more comfortable — yet costs 300% more.

5. Philosophical choices

Even with phones, cameras, and devices — they all work well. At this point you’re buying a certain philosophy, aesthetic sense, and UI-UX. For example Apple is about simple, austere, and minimal-beautiful. Google-Android is about open source, nerdification-optimization of your life, and convenience. There ain’t really a “better” choice— it just comes down to your personal taste, aesthetics, and life choices-decision.

Even with clothes — don’t optimize for comfort. Optimize for colors, aesthetics and how it looks on you. If the clothing you wear gives you more energy, vigor, and strength — the outfit is good.


If you’re an artist, aesthetics trumps everything else.

Strive to make art works which you consider beautiful, strong, simple, and elegant.