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Why do I prefer to eat meat compared to starch, carbs, etc?


I prefer to fill my body with more meat (higher nutrition density) to maximize my muscular growth.

1. Vanity is the goal.

Why workout from home? Well, it feels good. And I love the idea that I can turn my body into a killer instrument and weapon.

2. What is filler?

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When you consume filler food. What is that? Carbs. Starch. Sugar. High fructose corn syrup, etc.

Art of bodybuilding

There is nothing wrong with filler. But I would prefer to maximize my killer.

3. Animal rights?

Do animals have rights? Old Aristotle didn’t think so. He saw the Ox as the first (useful) slave for man.

Then the thought:

Who are more important … humans or animals?

Because even if we go vegetarian or vegan (for ethical purposes), we must also deal with the ethical thing — a lot of exploited low-wage workers are being utilized to pick our nutrient-dense almonds. So the question:

Is it okay for us to exploit human beings in order to help animals?

I think not.

I will always favor the human being over the animal. If anything — animals should be making human lives easier, more prosperous, and better.

4. What to read?

You are what you eat. I consider– don’t consume media (books, videos, films, music) which you consider filler. Only consume the best!

Generally with books, the filter is this:

The older the book, the better.

There’s a saying I got from Nassim Taleb (forgot who he quoted):

Read old books, drink old wines, and keep old friends.

5. Filters

The benefit of filters:

To cut out the filler, to give you the killer.

And the ultimate goal for you is this:

To maximize your killer!


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