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As our best friend Steve Jobs once said:

To make something simple is insanely complex.

For example, why is Apple so great? Their products are simple. Everything is beaten to the rawest form and functionality (beaten with a ‘simple stick’).

Why is simple best?

Simplicity is best because it allows us to worry less about what ain’t important, in order to augment our ability to do more of what we care for.

For example, when it comes to bluetooth headphones, Apple AirPods are the best. They just sync. Everything else you gotta fiddle around with. If you want to quickly listen to music in something ‘that just works’, AirPods cannot be beaten.

Simple compositions, shapes and forms

As a visual artist, I’m most fascinated by simplicity in shapes, forms and compositions. Franz Kline, calligraphy and much of the Zen-Taoist art is sublime to me.

What is my goal?

To distill composition, shape and form into the most simple form possible, but still retaining its elegance and beauty.

Simple photography

  • simple composition ERIC KIM

My endless fascination with photography:

How can I make the most simple yet most interesting and beautiful composition?

To continually balance the line between ‘too simple’ and beautiful — this is my goal.


The Philosophy of Aesthetics

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