Grammar is Anti-Creativity

To practice ‘good’ grammar or to speak ‘well’ is anti-creativity. Why? Imagine poetry, rap music, or any great form of art with “proper” grammar.

Proper spelling is socialized

If we look at the history of spelling (in English) there was a need to standardize. Why? Pragmatic reasons, to prevent people from getting confused when talking with others. In fact, the original way to write the word “spell” actually was “spelle“.

Language is always in flux

I love writing, typing, and sharing my thoughts via the written form. But I do not “speak good”. I make all forms of grammatical mistakes all the time. But there are certainly ‘grammar Nazi’s’ who like to correct you for the sake of correcting you.

Often it is important to use “proper grammar” simply as a means of communicating an idea or a concept as clearly as possible. But often times when you talk, people correct you. And this is the thing:

If you know what I *MEANT* to say, why correct me?





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