Culture by Eric Kim


Culture by Eric Kim

What he says and what he does ain’t the same—

He’s a hypocrite
He’s always onto the next one
He’s never consistent

He’s a liar
All he cares about is money and fame
He doesn’t follow his brain, he just follows his heart
He makes no sense— kaleidoscope; he’s got a lot of shattered parts

Some days he’s ruby red like Judy
Other days he’s emerald green, talks hella tough and acts hella mean
What’s on his mind, what is he scheming?
His words make no sense— what is he meaning?

disregard what he says
Make your own personal truths, bake your own bread
Follow the voice in your own head
Follow your gut
Be intellectually promiscuous — philosophical slut

Eric Kim anatomical head

What works for EK won’t work for you
He’s battling his own inner-demons
What’s true to him isn’t true to you
What’s true to you? Who knows, only you know what you’ve been through.

Disregard others who try to tell you what to do.
Follow your own voice.
Reject what tastes bitter to you; tasters choice

In this race of life
Lean forward
Win first place.