Seize Today!

Seize today
Not tomorrow
Live today to the fullest with no regrets to prevent sorrow tomorrow

What did you do yesterday? Did you make, create and play? Did you have fun, hustle hard, and slay?

Slay all day, and make new stuff all day day, like JAY Z and Kanye do it cray cray.

Seize today
With force
Push your own horses and ponies
Do it ruthless like Scarface Tony
Even though your path might be stony and rough, you’re tougher than you think. No need to drink and intoxicate yourself, just zen out and let your own inner voice shout

No pouting or sputtering, no fright or shuddering
Just strap on your jetpack and go higher
Go beyond the stratosphere, put on your golden wings
See new sights from new heights, and discover new hidden things.


Channeling my inner #horace on the streets of Saigon from coffee house, 1:25pm, Sat July 7, 2018. About to head to Dalat tomorrow for 3 days with my sisters and Cindy, and gonna get epic coffee on!


Ceiling clouds. New York Public Library. Pentax 645Z