You Were Destined to Do Great Things, My Dear

You were destined to do great things my dear
God gave you two hands to steer
Your own ship in life

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You were destined to do great things my dear
To not hide, or grovel in fear
But to follow your own true voice; your own vision
To be a see-r

You were designated to do great things my dear
Let me give you a cheer
And a pat on the back

Stay on track
Follow your own inner-truth
Your life and potential is endless

Your path in life?
You choose!

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Dear friend,

Your life is short and limited. Why even waste a moment following the path that others tell you to follow? Why not follow your own path?

I think that we all have the potential to do truly great things in life. We were all blessed and lucky to be born. No matter how shitty our upbringing was, we still have the potential to do great things.

You know the strength that comes from pain and hardship. Whatever didn’t kill you only made you stronger.

Your life isn’t getting any longer; we are all slowly marching towards death. But before we die, why not devote every day, every breath, to pursue epic and great things?

You got golden wings; you were destined to soar high.

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The sky is the limit. Whatever your passion is, stay with it.

Keep hustling and working hard, even though you’re going through deep shit; eating shards of glass. To persevere and overcome is your task.

Even though you were born in last place, take all of your losses with grace. Keep building your skills and leveling up. Keep up the grind, and whatever you build, make it your own; make it thine.

Respect yourself, and value your time.

Never forget, your mind is divine and great.

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Don’t try to placate or please others. Rather, work hard to empower yourself, then to help others.

Look at everyone else with a kindly eye; everyone is your brother or sister in disguise.

You’re wiser than you think, smarter than you think, and you can be resourceful. Make some magic from reality; you’re the sorcerer.




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