New York City skyline urban landscape.

Keep Sailing

New York City skyline urban landscape.

I’m EK
Not reppin the BK
I’m a Queens boy

I’m EK
not reppin that rice and gin
I stay slim
Not shady
I look forward to today
It’s my new hay day
I’m drunk on that Dionysian juice
I’m ‘bout to go cray cray

Man with hands in prayer. Wisconsin, 2017. Pentax 645Z.

I’m EK
let me rewind that

I got a knack for words and rhymes
Forms and shapes
Euclid got nothing on me

I see the world in scalars and vectors
I enjoy the sweet juice of nectar
And seek the divine glory of Hector

I got no Achilles heel
Dipped in gold
I dance with fate,

I flex strong
Bicep curl
Focused and in my zone
Eyebrows furled.

I’m EK
Today is a new day
What will you do today day
Live life to the fullest
Today is your vacay cay

I do admit
Life is tough; grime and spit
But keep sailing brother
Even though your sail got a rip

New York City skyline

You’re dipped in gold
Your potential will take you all over the world
Today is your pearl oyster
Open your mouth, eager and agape
Don’t ask, just take the fruit of today
Even when skies are stormy,
Paint that gray great!


Ceiling clouds. New York Public Library. Pentax 645Z