You’re on a new level!
Bust through the walls, and rip out the bezels

You’re on a new level,
The future is uncertain
But make your life a beautiful play, before you close the red curtain

Airplane silhouette. Sapa, Vietnam 2016

You’re on a new level,
You were destined to win
Life’s an open road, take the Lambo on a spin

eric kim color chroma airplane downtown la poles

Aren’t you grateful to be alive?
Aren’t you glad that you made it past 25?
We live in a society without disease, war, or famine
So ignore the nay sayers and swim upstream like salmon
You got lots of options in life
And if you don’t got any, pave your own path
You can pick yourself; don’t wait around to get picked last

Break through the glass ceiling, Willy Wonka style
Or throw your own sonic booms; Street Fighter Guile
Life us uncertain, but you’re probably destined to be around for a while
So share your own inner truth, and do it in your own style
Never censor yourself or compromise
Just say, “No, I’m not that kind of guy!”

This spectacular image of the Orion Nebula star-formation region was obtained from multiple exposures using the HAWK-I infrared camera on ESO’s Very Large Telescope in Chile. This is the deepest view ever of this region and reveals more very faint planetary-mass objects than expected.

Get your Dr. Seuss on, consider all the places you can go!
You’ll never know unless you try
Fly high friend, fly high, fly high!