Ain’t Nobody Stopping You! #poetry

Ain’t nobody stopping you!
You got two shoes and ambition
Follow your own gut and volition!

Ain’t nobody stopping you!
What do you believe in your life is true true?
Do you hustle hard, even though your prospects seem deep blue?
Or do you strap your shoelaces tight, and smile and shine bright?
You got no limits; you’re a kite without a string
Stay true to your inner-vision and play your own inner-melody; five finger strings // keep rocking your rings, five finger rings

Disregard the bling and the flashy lights
And the goofy fashionistas, with their shiny jeans and tights
Keep shining your inner-light; don’t hide it under your seat
Greet and meet all those who come your way, and praise your blessings every single day
Never dismay, or run out of hope; life is more than coping– it is thriving//we’re beyond surviving.

You’re alive and awake
Don’t self-medicate to take away the pain or bake
Your frustrations away, like an over-cooked cake
Rather, live your life to the fullest; bite into your juicy steak
Today might be your last, so hustle hard, smile, and make it great!



Ceiling clouds. New York Public Library. Pentax 645Z