Life Isn’t Fair #poetry

Life isn’t fair
But don’t you despair

Life isn’t fair
But why do you care?
Stare into the depths of history’s past
And know that life is grimy, cruel, and gives you no free pass

Life isn’t fair
But gives you the chance to wear
A golden chained fleece
To fight your inner-demons and achieve great feats

Life isn’t fair
But you’re strong– you’re a beast
Life is a joyful feast, with its downs and its ups
Stare into your cup; it runneth over

Life isn’t fair
Weather or not you think different
But know you can mold reality; Steve Jobs vision
When life knocks you down, re-risen
Steel your throat, steel your knees, and go strong
You’re stronger than you think, go hard– fuck dying young.


Ceiling clouds. New York Public Library. Pentax 645Z