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Pragmatic Productivity Tips

Some basic productivity principles and ideas which have helped me:

  1. Intermittent fasting: No breakfast or lunch, more productivity during the day. Break your fast with one massive dinner (8pm) with tons of meat.
  2. For working out, walk to the local park. Fresh air and open spaces and lots of green … re-charges your brain. Apparently extra oxygen to your brain and body? All the micro-pollen in the air is good for our physiology. Also all the green calms our mind (green as the ultimate calming color). Also do some quick park workouts (doesn’t need to take more than 10-15 minutes) then peace out.
  3. Standing desk: Good for your legs. Also the more you work while standing, the more productive you will be. My theory — more intelligence in our legs than our ‘brain’.
  4. No alcohol or weed. The ultimate productivity killer. Alcohol and weed as substances are fine, but the only problem … even a little alcohol might cause you a small hangover or disrupted sleep patterns, which means worse productivity for you the NEXT DAY. I also think being dependent on smoking weed or using a bong or whatever to fall asleep is bad.
  5. Create your own email server. Don’t use Gmail. My theory:
    1. Gmail is low-key engineered to be addictive, in order for you to forever live on Gmail and Google products.
    2. Better to instead, create your own website, server, and self-host your own email. More of a pain in the ass, but better longevity. For example make your email: firstname@firstnamelastname.com
  6. Don’t use Chrome, use Safari. Chrome at this point is just a more efficient mechanism for Google to serve you more advertisements. Advertisements are fine from a moral-ethical perspective, but the problem is that ads are the ultimate productivity killer.