Advertisements Are the Ultimate Productivity Killer

Ads are anti-productivity. To become more productive, block all ads with a vengeance. Simple thoughts:

1 blocker in Safari
  1. Don’t use Chrome, use Safari. I recommend paying money for one of the extensions to block ALL ads. Block all comments. I use ‘1 Blocker‘ and really like it.
  2. Install an Ad blocker on your iPhone. Go to the App Store and search ‘ad blocker’ and pay money for the app, follow the instructions, and enable it in Safari. My theory on why we must pay money to purchase the ad-blocker:
    1. As long as the ad-blocker is free, you are getting suckered somewhere hidden (think about Adblock plus where they have the uber-sneaky ‘allow some non-intrusive ads’).
    2. I use “Adblock” and “Purify”. Also works on iPad.
  3. If you have an Android or Google device, use the ‘Brave‘ browser. Big fan. Or the Firefox ‘Focus‘ browser.

All advertising is distracting

Google is essentially an advertising platform. No longer a search engine. The search engine *AS A MEANS* to delivering you more ‘personalized’ ads, in order to augment the money for Google. So if possible, delete Chrome, stop using (almost all) Google products. Tailor to your needs. More trust in Apple than Google.

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