Why Safari is Superior to Chrome

I very much despise Google Chrome (web browser). I believe Safari (made by Apple) is a quadrillion times better. Why? Let me explain:

Chrome cannot be trusted

Why does Chrome have the icon color scheme that it does? It is Uber-addictive. Safari has a more beautiful and zen look.

Let us note:

  • Chrome: Red, yellow, green, blue. Chrome WANTS you to click it on it all the time. The new sneaky UI when you try to quit (command + Q) Chrome asks: “Are you sure you wanna quit?” You gotta HOLD command + Q for an unusual period of time in order to close the damn app. And why do they do this? Simple — so you always keep Chrome open and never close it! Some might say “Oh, it is to accidentally prevent you from quitting all your tabs”. No. This is the superficial marketing PR side of things. The true intent:
    • Google never wants you to close or quit Chrome. Google wants you to be ALWAYS on Google Chrome; forever. To live in Gmail, Google Calendar, and Google search.

Why Safari is superior

  1. Better battery life
  2. More beautiful UI/UX
  3. Better UI-UX when it comes to tabs. Chrome wants you to infinitely hoard tabs; Safari doesn’t.

What does Safari want? What does Chrome want?


Wants you to forever be addicted to Google and Google products to better deliver you more accurate advertising that you will click on, and that you will increase the revenue of Google.

What Safari wants:

Have the best possible internet browsing experience, and always buy Apple products for the rest of your life.

I trust Apple more.

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