Amelia walking plank

10 Tips How to Shoot Better Photos of My Kids

Photos of your kids — the most priceless photos. Some thoughts:

1. Always be ready

Amelia walking plank

Just use your phone, stand-alone camera, whatever. Always have your camera in your front pocket or around your neck or on your wrist.

2. Photograph funny, humorous or meaningful moments


3. Kids in action are the best photos

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Dynamic photos of kids playing, monkeying around, and being active! Use a wide angle lens (24mm, 28mm) and get close! The Robert Capa quote:

“If your photos aren’t good enough, you’re not close enough.”

Amelia monkeying around

4. Videos are good too

My niece Amelia in action. She is the star of “My First Photography Book” by HAPTIC PRESS.

Don’t separate video and photo. Do both.

5. Best camera to photograph my kids?

RICOH GR III. Uber small, compact, and always with you.

6. Make them the part of the process

Buy your kid a camera. Get them a used RICOH or something, something with a physical button. I actually prefer kids shooting with “standalone cameras” than phones. Why? Phones distract kids. I’m anti phones and kids.

7. Practice composition on them

Shoot them like a street photographer. Aim for dynamic compositions:

8. Just shoot them.

Don’t worry too much about good photos or not. Just shoot them, and figure out the “best” photos later.

9. Photos by Amelia

Kids take great photos — look at their perspective!

10. The perfect photo doesn’t exist

Make meaningful photos of your kids, and never forget:

Your kids are more important than the photos you make of them.

Restart your passion for photography



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