5 Fun Phone Photography Assignments and Tips

Practical assignments to get you shooting and moving! 😃👍

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Dear friends,

Here are some ideas to get you going:

  1. Today, go on a walk around the block with your phone. Your walk should take less than 5 minutes. In 5 minutes, shoot at least 5 photos of whatever you find interesting in the one-square-block of your home. You’re not allowed to venture off the square-block of your home. Choose your 1 favorite photo, and upload it to arsbeta.com for feedback. Also make sure to give feedback to others on ARS as well.
  2. If you want to have fun, download a fun film-simulation app like “HUJI CAM” in the App/Play Store. It is free, and gives you a fun ‘hipster’ look that emulates the look of film.
  3. Another assignment — walk around your block, but you’re only allowed to shoot photos in selfie mode. But you don’t have to shoot selfies of yourself. Shoot photos of trees, buildings, and other people… but using the ‘selfie’ mode in your camera. This is a very fun and interesting challenge! Or in other words, you’re not allowed to use the front-facing camera in your iPhone/Android phone when you’re shooting photos.
  4. Red photo assignment: Walk around the block and you’re only allowed to photograph the color red.
  5. Ant view: Shoot photos like you were an ant. Put your camera on the ground, and point it upwards. You can make more interesting photos of ‘boring’ things by shooting from the perspective of an ant.

Other photo assignments or activities you can do from home

  1. Build your photography website: Make a domain with bluehost.com, and install wordpress.org. Your first blog post is simple: Share your 1 favorite photo of all-time, and explain WHY you care for the photo so much. Once you publish it, share the blog post with friends and family.
  2. Start your own email newsletter with mailchimp.com, and offer free photo-related tips, motivation or ideas to your followers. Encourage people to signup for your newsletter for a free PDF ebook or something. Do this instead of telling people to follow you on Instagram.
  3. Shoot a vlog (selfie video on your iPhone or Android phone) sharing WHY you love photography. Upload it to YouTube using the YouTube app, and also embed the link on your website/blog.


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